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Really Useful Maps is a collection of online maps populated with Points of Interest Data covering a range of subjects. These topics have been selected either because they are not covered elsewhere, not displayed in map format anywhere else, or have not been comprehensively addressed in other publications.
In some cases we can offer a customised version of the map. In addition some of the maps are available as an iphone/ipad app or the database is available in a CSV file, enabling either direct upload to Sat Nav devices or easily convertible into the appropriate file format. Click on the titles to be taken to the respective map.
Map detailing the location and details of A&E Depts, Minor Injuries Units, Walk in Centres and Urgent Care Centres throughout the UK. This is without doubt a totally unique source of information, covering all four facility types for all four countries. Most people know where their local A&E Hospital is; however, as you are probably aware, unless the problem is life threatening the NHS is steering patients away from this service to one of the more appropriate facilities, where treatment can be administered quicker. Do you know where your local alternative emergency medical facility is and its opening times? This information should also prove to be of great benefit when travelling in unfamiliar parts of the country. Also available as an App:
The GPS feature on the App shall automatically identify your location wherever you are, display the nearest facilities and route you to them (No Internet Access Required). However, I’m afraid that the App does not feature any angry birds, balloons to pop or involve finding cartoon characters, it nevertheless is probably the most practical peace of mind app you could ever have.

Monthly Property Sales by Postcode (Click Postcode Links Below)
Discover which properties (detailed individually) have been sold during the past two months in your area. Data provided by The Land Registry which includes all types of sale & transfer registered with them during the month. Details include Sale Price and Property Address along with Postcode. Latest figures available October 2017. Coverage England & Wales.
Postcodes are sorted Alpha & 1st Digit Numeric

Monthly property sales statistics (number of sales and their total average value) divided into each postcode area, as published by the Land Registry; Latest figures available October 2017 Coverage England and Wales

Reported Crime figures for local areas provided by Regional Police Forces. Published approximately 8 to 10 weeks after the month end. Not only reports the total Crime Figures but also divides into categories ie. Anti-Social Behaviour, Vehicle Crime, Burglary etc. Also details each individual Area’s position within the reported crime table. Coverage England & Wales.

Features Agricultural/Country Shows, Air Shows, Bonfires, Carnivals, Festivals, Firework Displays, Motor Shows. Steam Rallies, Town Shows and a host of other types of Fun Days. Details include Event Name, Event Type, Location, Date (Month) & Web Link (in the vast majority of cases). This data-set is available to purchase as Calendar listing (CSV file):

This map displays the location of Lifeboat Stations around the UK (both RNLI & Independent). However, its primary purpose is to provide details of the latest incidents each individual station has been called to deal with; this by way of posts on their individual Websites or Social Media News-feeds. What’s happening around UK shores makes for some interesting reading.

If you have ever wondered what the Police Helicopter was looking for when flying above your area, then they’ll probably tell you. The Map details the location of the Regional Helicopter Bases & provides links to the respective Websites and/or Social Media pages, which provide information on the missions that have been taking place

Provides the location of the various Air Ambulance Service Bases around the country. Links to the individual online News Feeds which shall provide you with details of the latest call outs.

Probably the least well known of all the Emergency Rescue Organisations; however there are over a 120 bases around the country (excl NI) consisting of Mountain & Cave Rescue, Lowland Rescue and Dog Search & Rescue teams. Again these individual stations publish online information of incidents attended

Features a variety of places to stop on numerous A’ Roads throughout mainland UK. From full Service Areas offering a variety of eating choices, fuel and parking options to stand alone Petrol Stations with snacks and short term stopping facilities. From Lay-by Snack Wagons to Diners and full on Restaurants. All situated on or very close-by the Roadside. The establishments featured are those on stretches of the road which are away from city/town centres.
You can now purchase the data from this map (including Postcodes & Lat/Lon Co-ordinates) in CSV File format:
Location and details of planned Roadworks and Closures on Motorways and major A Roads throughout England & Wales. Information provided includes anticipated delay to journey times, dates of the works and the type of traffic management that shall be in place. There are many tools and services providing real time information for road conditions. The objective of this map is to provide you with knowledge of probable disruptions before they happen, giving you the opportunity and time to plan ahead. Published each Friday detailing the following week’s (Mon – Sun) works.  
In terms of categories we believe this to be the most diverse listing of London Attractions available in map format. In addition to the attractions is a listing of over 100 regular events held in the capital each year. Where possible a web link to the entrant’s web site is included for more information or to What’s On sites for the opportunity to purchase tickets. We can offer the opportunity for customised maps showing the location and details of your business; ideal if you are run a Hotel or B&B and want to highlight your location in relation to all that London has to offer. Contact us for details.

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